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Certified Agriculture Dealerships know farming, ranching, and new trucks.
Only they can provide your farm or ranch with a business solution, built around your new truck.

Certified Agriculture

Certified Agriculture Dealerships aren’t here to just sell you a truck. They’re here to provide your farm or ranch with a business solution, built around your truck. As a farm business, you rely heavily on hard-working trucks and astute business practices, thus a certified dealer will stand ready to be one of your most trusted resources.

Certified Agriculture Dealerships know farming and ranching. Their staff have successfully completed special agriculturally focused training to become a Certified business. And only Certified Agriculture Dealerships offer AgPack: a special package of cost saving benefits and partnerships that deliver value only farmers and ranchers can truly appreciate.

We’re now expanding the Certified Agriculture Dealership program so it reflects what you've asked for...a broader range of Certified dealers, and more product lines that are AgPack eligible. We want everyone in our agricultural family to enjoy the experience of dealers with agriculture expertise, and the benefits of our exclusive AgPack farm and ranch savings solution.

Filling the ag gap at your favorite truck dealership.

We understand the gap that exists between the agricultural buyer and the commercial automotive industry because we’ve experienced it too. That’s why, in order to offer AgPack, dealerships make a commitment through us to become Agriculturally Certified. This certification is backed by timely and relevant training for sales, parts, and service managers alike. It’s been designed to help build trusted relationships between the ag buyer and all dealership departments that impact the vehicle lifecycle.

Purchasing a truck from a Certified Agriculture dealership means ag customers should have a new level of confidence that they are working with a team that understands their business, is educated on trends and what’s important, and can truly fill a much needed void in expertise when it comes to buying new vehicles for agricultural use.

If your desired dealership isn’t certified, ask them why and share this site with them.

If you are a dealership and would like to get certified, please click here.

Work with dealers who really get you.

Dealers become a Certified Agriculture Dealer by having minimum of three team members successfully complete an agricultural training program, created by farmers and ranchers, that has been peer reviewed for agricultural and educational correctness, and carries several industry endorsements.


Understanding the farm/ranch business model


Understanding agriculture language.


Knowing the major commodities grown in your area


Busting myths of modern agriculture


Understanding the broad scope of agriculture and how it impacts the overall economy


Understanding the difference between cultivation and production systems


Understanding variables impacting farm/ranch income and how that effects decision making


Weekly education through our Ag Intel Report, email and series of blog posts

A meaningful return on your truck investment.

Available exclusively at Certified Agriculture Dealerships, AgPack is a powerful package of farm and ranch discounts and rebates worth thousands of dollars. It’s yours FREE with the purchase of every qualifying new or pre-owned truck or SUV!

AgPack Includes

Stack all of these benefits on top of any manufacturer incentives.

  • $2,000 toward the purchase of crop nutrition* from AgroLiquid, PLUS an annual soil test and crop nutrient management consultation with an AgroLiquid agronomist and/or Sales Account Manager
  • Exclusive 5-10% below MAP pricing (lowest price a dealer can advertise), direct from Dixie Chopper on their entire line of commercial mowers
  • 1-year FREE subscription to the DTN Ag Weather Tool app plus CHOICE OF EITHER a 3-month subscription to MyDTN OR a 3-month subscription to Instant Markets (delayed*) farmer version of DTN ProphetX by DTN Progressive Farmer
    Available on qualifying truck purchases after 7/1/2022
  • 15% discount on the monthly fees for Ford Pro's Telematics Software Services
    Available on qualifying truck purchases after 11/1/2022
  • 25% off MSRP on all Gallagher fencing, weighing, and EID products purchased through Gallagherusa.com (excludes water automation systems)
  • 2.5% cash rebate from Landmaster UTVs on top of any UTV purchase made at the dealership.
  • Exclusive rebates on Michelin & BFGoodrich Tires - from tractors to trucks to toys, over $4,500 rebate value available
  • $500 product credit for future purchases of Mystik Lubricants after an initial $2,000 purchase milestone is met; complimentary, lifetime oil condition monitoring on the purchased vehicle, and Mystik-branded gifts upon acceptance of offer
  • 20% storewide discount from Outback Wrap for their hydraulic hose identification and management products
  • 10% off Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing for the entire line-up of PUTCO products plus free shipping
  • $1,000 toward a new Reinke irrigation system and $500 toward parts on an existing Reinke system
  • 25% off MSRP on Rhino Ag products PLUS a gift card valued between $100-$200
  • 15% off MSRP on any purchase of Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment
  • Earn up to $1,000 in savings off purchases of Perpetuo® Herbicide, Excalia® Fungicide, and Senstar® Insecticide by Valent
    Available on qualifying truck purchases after 1/1/2023
  • 5-10% under MAP Pricing on select Vanair products
    Available on qualifying truck purchases after 7/1/2022
  • $20/month off home internet plans for six months from Viasat. Combine this exclusive AgPack offer with other available Viasat offers for additional savings!
  • $1,500 rebate on the purchase of a Walkabout Mother Bin plus a 20% rebate on accessories like a scale, vibrator, display, low unload option, or an auger sock, plus a $500 gift card/store credit for Outback Wrap Hydraulic hose products

AgPack Bonus Regional Offers


  • BONUS REGIONAL OFFER by Dairyland Seed
    $20 OFF per bag of Dairyland Seed corn hybrids.
    View qualifying regions in IL, IN, MI, MN, ND, SD, WI.
    Available on qualifying truck purchases after 7/1/2022

Stack all of these benefits on top of any manufacturer incentives.

*To view all Terms & Conditions, click here.

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More than anything, you want the most durable truck money can buy. We know, we’re ranchers and farmers, too. And that’s what we want. OUR focus is to make sure our agriculture family gets an honest to goodness RETURN on their truck investment. From a dealer that actually understands and cares about who we are, and what we need.

When you see the Certified Agriculture Dealership badge you know you have a dealer with Agriculture Experts who have been trained by, and for farmers/ranchers. They’re going to know what you need before you even ask.

A true Return On your Ag Truck Investment (ROATI). Our collaboration with industry leading suppliers under AgPack will save your farm or ranch thousands in real operating costs. On top of any incentives the truck makers may be offering.

We see things differently.

We care for the soil. It’s nutrients. Our water. We care for our animals and crops. We care for our families. Our friends. Our communities. Local, and global. We feed, and clothe in abundance, because we care for all these things. What makes us unique is that our care is not mechanical. It is not part of a system, or a playbook. It is not a function of what we do. It is an internal moral compass that drives us. An instinct. A responsibility we bear that has been bred into our DNA over generations. It is who we are. It is how we live. We built Certified Agriculture on the foundation of family, faith, and the American agricultural spirit. Yet we know that spirit alone does not get the job done – after all, when the sun shines, we actually need to make hay.

Having the right equipment at the right time is critical to the success of any farm or ranch, and trucks are at the top of our equipment list. Durability, reliability, service, and the relationships we have with our agriculture truck dealers are what give us the confidence that we have the tools we need to get the job done. That is why we created Certified Agriculture Dealerships and AgPack - agriculturally focused dealer training, certification and customer benefits tied to qualified vehicle sales - so that our extended agricultural family can have access to dealers with agriculture expertise and an exclusive package of discounts and partnerships that offer a meaningful return on the truck investment only farmers and ranchers will value.

At Certified Agriculture, our shared values ground us as we continue to drive innovation through Certified Dealerships and Ag Pack in the automotive world. Because at the end of the day, we know that everything we do is about helping you to get the job done, and to get it done well - without sacrificing the profits of a well-run operation, or the principles that guide a life well-lived.